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Johanna Event Hire in Kent design Weddings & Celebrations

Our Adventure so far...


Jo and Hannah, the founders of Johanna Event Hire, have been life-long friends and a big part of each others lives making their transition into business partners somewhat inevitable - it just took one of them to have an exciting idea the other couldn't resist being a part of.

It turned out to be not just any idea though as Johanna Event Hire has given them both the opportunity to tap into their natural creative ability and event management skills in a way they couldn't have imagined. 

Jo is so passionate about the whole creative process, from consultation through to your big day, and dedicates her efforts to every element.

With a background in hotels, Hannah is always thrilled to liaise and visit the stunning venues in Kent and work alongside the event teams to ensure all goes well with the set-up on the wedding day.

With a natural ability to listen and put clients at ease, both enjoy chatting to couples about their special day and so if you're planning your wedding and want to discuss your vision, then they'll jump at the chance to have a chat and discuss how they can help you.


Joanne & Hannah of Johanna Events

Our Vision

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Johanna Event Hire in Kent - Charlotte & Asif's wedding at Abode Hotel Weddings

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